1. as compared to convenient food (fast food) in

1.     Theresult of analysis reveals that there is need to be improving the methods tosolve the food safety related issues and protect the environmental surroundingssuch as the process of food manufacturing, store safely and animal welfare.  2.     Thefood manufactures should have to interact directly with customers to increasethe customer involvement with product during purchasing behavior; the customerremarks or feedback easily collected for improvement.3.

     Byfocusing on the results of this investigation, understand the nature of thecustomer toward food purchasing, according to this it help to developstrategies to maximize the productivity and customer loyalty level with productwould enhance.4.     Asaccording to observed outcomes, the consumer involvement play vital role inpurchase intention regarding food consumption motive, therefore, it required toestablish or develop CPM (customer participation management) in food businessesand food manufacture companies. It could only be possible after the developmentof CRM (customer relationship management).5.     Outof these identified five factors PFA (Punjab food authority) can easilydetermine the factor that greatly influence on purchase intention to increasecustomer involvement for the satisfaction of consumer concern about need orwants and his/her health care.

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6.     Healthconsciousness is positive significant impact but have not been highlysignificant as according to perceived idea, it happened in this survey becauseof less awareness in respondents regarding health and the respondents have noenough knowledge to select food, hence there is need to develop strategies thathelp to enhance the food related awareness and knowledge that is enoughnecessary for health.7.

     Foodmanufacturers should control the time shortage related issues, by provide theavailability of healthy or organic food products as compared to convenient food(fast food) in the pressure of short time.8.      Food manufacture business or food outlets needto label the each attributes of the products clearly and easy to understand forevery type of customers, because lack of understanding caused barrier to payingattention on food safety, ecological motives and consciousness about health.9.     Therelationship between the identified factors of this study could be measured indepth through qualitative research such as interviews.10.  This study is not focused to measure thedimensions of ecological motive, situational factors and personal consumertraits as mentioned in theoretical model. In future it could be measured theindividual dimensions of the each factors; such as ecologicalmotives-environmental protection and ethical concern/animal welfare;situational factors-time pressure and peer influence; personal consumertraits-need for interaction, novelty seeking, self efficiency, could beconducted as a individual variable to scrutinize the impact on purchaseintention through involvement of customer.

11.  For future research, it could be adaptedother sampling techniques and in different targeted area with differentsampling size.