1 after been created. The goal of this project

1        Chapter one1.1           Introduction Ourproject topic is “electronic document and archival management system (EDAMS)”with the aims to convert and store all paper based documents that occupyvoluminous spaces in offices of UENR Finance Directorate to an onlinerepository making it available in digital form for easy and faster retrieval.

Sortingout vast volumes of physical records or documents is troublesome and there arecases where it can be hard to remove a record or document from an expansivevolume of them. Without the utilization of a productive and successful documentand archival management system, it is practically sure that administration ofarchives will be inclined to human blunder (Heckman, 2013). Digital documents stored on serverscan be easily retrieved within minutes, which increase operativeproductivity due to the elimination of the chore of searching for misfiled physical documents. The introduction ofelectronic document and archival management systems (Edams) empowersinstitutions to spend less and acquire more. Assurance of productivity isconsidered as the result of action accomplished or achieved, (O’Sullivan & Arthur,2003).

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  In this thesis, digital document is defined according to (Hausmann & Williams, 2015), as “document that areelectronically stored structured information, which extend our knowledge bysupporting business communication, informing stakeholders and/or showingevidence of business activities. Independent of their format, but dependent ontheir purpose, digital business documents passes through different phasesduring their lifecycle (creation, use and disposition) and have differentphases in which they need to be managed.” Their definition shows the diverse aimsof business document and draws attention to two different perspectives: first,computerized document are not confined to some sort of specific format ormedium aside from being electronically warehoused and second, the need fortheir administration after been created.The goal of this project is aneffort to create web application which provides fast, easy to use interface forstoring and retrieval of electronic documents in the form of scanned copy of aprinted out documents, and files of different extensions. This project after it implementation, will holdelectronic copies of paper documents as a defensive plan against disaster (suchas flood, fire outbreak, and others) and mismanagement which could damage paperdocuments.

Thisproject, intend or aim to provide a solution to all archived documents invarious offices and departments, unstructured documents and other documents thatare not properly indexed, when arranging them, thereby making it difficult toretrieve at the office place when searching for them. Sometimes the integrityof the documents is also compromised. Our system is targeted to solve theserelated problems.1.2      Background ofthe study Information management hasbecome a major strategic factor in institutions’ development. It is importantto get the right information circulated to the right people, as efficiently aspossible, yet still keep it secure. Document management provides a way for UENRfinance directorate to organize their information, in all its forms, in oneplace.

Streamlining business processes and increasing efficiency arefundamental concerns for the finance directorate regardless of size or sector.Paperbased documents involves carrying paper documents from one place to another,photocopying and distributing, frequent handling at the work place and at theend making it weak, unclean, crumple, and defacing it as compared to theoriginal form. They also involve filing, arranging them in office shelves andtracing them later to retrieve them. Even though they have been filed,retrieving them might be a headache since the workers must search throughhundreds of documents before they retrieve and return a single document totheir boss. Sometimes when the paper is needed urgently, a lot of time goesinto retrieving the document hence delaying the process. Digitaldocument management system can help an organization succeed by; saving time, savingmoney, increasing efficiency, increasing productivity, increasinginter-departmental and inter-organizational communication, and enablingautomation. A Document Management System (DMS) is a system based on computerprograms used to store and access documents.

Electronic document managementsolutions are designed to organize business files and records digitally,whether they started out in paper form or were generated by software applications. Paper files are first changed over to an electronic organization (format)by scanning. This gives smaller methods for capacity, universal access forrecovery, and larger amounts of information security and protection.  With respect to this extent, electronic document and archivalsystem framework will likewise control advanced documents that are producedstraightforwardly through applications, for example; those in the Microsoft officesuite (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), Accounting programming, Computer supporteddesign, emails, and what have you. Managing (rather than merely storing) electronicdocuments permits faster access to, and bigger command over, business data. According to (Leikums, 2013), the decent part aboutelectronic document archival system is that, the data is open from any computerwith an Internet association. The resources are access by the client throughthe server using a web browser rather than accessing the resources using adesktop application.

Itis simpler and better keeping resources on the serve rather than other documentexisting desktop-based software. EDAMS gives the clients or users the chance toedit, delete, search, and download documents relevant to their needs. The systemalso allows sharing of documents among other users.1.3      Applicationof the Project  This project will be appliedin the finance directorate of UENR to;·     Help the finance directorate store electronic copiesof their daily processed documentsProject EDAMS aims at aiding UENR finance directorateto easy scan and store their documents in an online server that may provideeasy access to documents and faster retrieval at anywhere every time.

·      Help keeptrack of every documents processedWiththe introduction of electronic document management system, the finance directoratewould easily keep track of every single document and prevent it from theft or documentlost. The system will aid in keeping record of daily document been stored inthe system. ·      Give afaster turnaround timeThe project will aid the finance directorate toincrease workflow of productivity in their daily activities as compared to theold form of paper handling. Searching for a an archived document kept for aboutten (10) years will be fetched faster within some minutes as compared to themanual system where one need to go through them individually to locate a singledocument. The quicker information is retrieved the faster to process it.

1.4      ProblemStatementIt has become widely recognized that manualpaper-based processing has inherent problems that disadvantage institutions’such as UENR finance directorate in critical ways, undermining productivity andimpeding the flow of information. Ignoring the problem is proving less and lessan option in the current situation of document management. Looking at the UENRFinance Directorate as a case study, students submit hard copies of their receiptsas a means of showing payment details, memos are sent to the financedirectorate, letters are received daily all in paper form which degenerates tobulk of files in the offices. This system of storing documents is tedious,complicated and time consuming.

And also;   Through frequent handling, paper based documents are exposed to quick deterioration due to mismanagement. Paper based document is not reliable, in the event of a disaster, you could lose your documents. Paper based documents management faces issues of misfiling, theft, document lost, document falling into wrong hands, and document manipulation hence destroying the integrity of the document.   With regard to storage, paper based documents occupy voluminous space. Also finding an old archived document can be confusing and extremely time consuming and causes inefficiency in searching.1.

5      ResearchQuestion How can staff of UENR Finance Directorate access documents after work hours? What are the problems/needs that make UENR Finance Directorate to go electronic way of handling papers? How safe is keeping paper based documents in the UENR Finance office? How fast will finding an old paper based documents at UENR Finance Office be? What security measures are put in place to access paper based documents in UENR Finance Directorate and how effective is it? 1.6      Objectives General Objective  To design and implement an electronic document and archival management system to support the operations of UENR Finance Directorate that is able to deliver access to anyone authorized anytime, anyplace, and on any device.Specific Objectives To develop a web based platform that will allow the storage of electronic documents for UENR Finance Directorate. To develop a web based electronic document archival system that allows speedy retrieval of documents at UENR finance Directorate from an online repository.

To develop a web based platform to facilitate shared access to documents among staff of the UENR Finance Directorate. 1.7      Scopeof the StudyThisproject is to be undertaken at the University of Energy and Natural Resources(UENR) Finance Directorate as a case study. It intended users are the staff ofthe finance directorate. We visited the UENR finance directorate offices toknow how documents and records are kept for longer time. How safe and whattechniques they used to retrieved documents faster when it is needed. We alsoenquired to know the volume of space needed to keep paper-based documents thatwere produce periodically for more years, which may be needed in the future.

Aquestionnaire was used to collect the data from the finance directorate.1.8        Significance of the StudyThe proposed system will offer the followingadvantages to the finance directorate, University of Energy and NaturalResources;·        Reduced Storage:The cost of commercial property and the need to store documentation for e.g.retrieval, regulatory compliance means that paper based document storagecompetes with people for space within the institution.

Scanning documents andintegrating them into a document management system can greatly reduce theamount of prime storage space required by paper. It also allows any documentsthat still have to be stored as paper to be stored in less expensive locations.·        Flexible Indexing: Indexing paper in more than one way can be done, butit is awkward, costly and time-consuming. Images of documents stored within adocument management system can be indexed in several different wayssimultaneously.·        Improved, faster and more flexible search: Document Management Systems can retrieve files byany word or phrase in the document – known as full text search – a capabilitythat is impossible with paper.

·        Controlled and Improved Document distribution: Imaging makes it easy to share documentselectronically with colleagues and clients over a network, by email or via theweb in a controlled manner. Paper documents usually require photocopying to beshared. This provides a cost saving by reducing the overheads associated withpaper based document distribution, such as printing and postage and removes thetypical delay associated with providing hard copy information.

·        Improved Security:A document management system can provide better, more flexible control oversensitive documents. Many document management system solutions allow access todocuments to be controlled at the folder and/or document level for differentgroups and individuals. Paper documents stored in a traditional filing cabinetor filing room does not have the same level of security i.

e. if you have accessto the cabinet you have access to all items in it. A document management systemalso provides an audit trail of who viewed an item, when or who modified anitem and when, which is difficult to maintain with paper based systems. ·        Disaster Recovery:A document management system provides an easy way to back-up documents foroffsite storage and disaster recovery providing dependable archives and aneffective disaster recovery strategy. Paper is a bulky and expensive way tobackup records and is vulnerable to fire, flood, defacement and theft. ·        No Lost Files:Lost documents can be expensive and time consuming to replace.

Within aDocument Management System, imaged documents remain centrally stored when beingviewed, so none are lost or misplaced. New documents are less likely to beincorrectly filed and even if incorrectly stored can be quickly and easilyfound and moved via the full-text searching mechanisms.·        Digital Archiving:Keeping archival versions of documents in a document management system helpsprotect paper documents that still have to be retained, from over handling.1.

9      Organizationof the Project Chapter1 of the project introduce the readers to the formation of the project and theimportant of EDAMS. It also tells the readers about the application areas ofthe project. Chapter 2 is the literature review of work previously done and thebackground of the project. Chapter 3 follows the previous chapter whichintroduces the methodologies applied for the design, rational behind themethods, conceptual framework/system architecture (explanation,mathematical/scientific principles or theories, algorithms) and preparation fortesting and evaluation (pilot studies, data collections and analysis). Chapter4 discuss the technical documentation of the system design and implementationof the EDAMS which involves testing and evaluation of the system and a furtherprobe into the finding of the project. Finally chapter 5, summaries the entiredocumentation of the system, giving conclusion, recommendation, future works ofthis very project, appendix, and references.