1. Academic writing requires creative thinking. 17. I am


    I can express my thoughts well throughacademic writing.2.    I would like to improve my academic writing.3.    I do not feel that my academic writing is as good as the other skills.4.

    Academic writing is important.5.    Academic writing raises academic achievement.6.    Academic writing enhances understanding ofconcepts.7.    Academic writing is irrelevant to academicperformance.8.

    Academic writing improves critical writingskill.9.    Academic writing should be taught tostudents.10. Without academic writing skills, studentswould not succeed in the university.11.

I feel satisfied with the final product of my academic writing.12. Academic writing is a simple task for me.13. I enjoy academic writing.

14. I feel anxious when I write academic papers.15. Academic writing allows me to share my ideasand views with other.16. Academic writing requires creative thinking.17.

I am a good academic writer.18. I value others’ opinions on my academicwriting.19. Academic writing is a talent that cannot belearned.20. Academic writing gives an opportunity to enrichexisting knowledge.

21. I have enough strategies to help me writeacademic papers.