Enders Gameis a 2013 American military science fiction/action film, based on the original1985 novel by author Orson Scott Card. It is the story of a dystopian futurewhere character Andrew Wiggin (Ender) is playing a computer simulated war game– but is unconscious to the fact that he is engaged in something far moreextreme. Ender is recruited by the international military to put his advancedset of skills to the test, where he must undertake the war between earth andaliens seeking to destroy humanity.

Space fight, manoeuvrability, and combatare staples of science fiction, with many film depicting some form of fasterthan light space travel to augment our perception of the future. In Umberto Ecoessay ‘Travels in Hyper reality’ he goes on to say how ‘Disney, who finally managedto achieve his own dream and reconstruct a fantasy world more real thanreality, breaking down the wall of the second dimension, creating not a movie,which is illusion, but total theatre” (Eco, U.(1990). Pg. – (45-47).

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These science fiction films pay homage to thediscussions on Eco’s essay texts on ‘Hyperreality’ foreshadowing futuredevelopments in technology.