1.2.3 plants and on human beings. mining impact leads

1.2.3SOIL POLLUTION DUE TO LANDFIILL AND ILLEGAL DUMPINGLand filling sites arethe areas where all the garbage, rubbish, electronic waste and other solidwaste are dumped into the land areas. This land filling is very common in theworld in almost all the countries which leads to soil pollution. Today itbecame a very serious problem due to increase tin the population,industrialisation, and increase in the organisation of various sectors likeschool’s offices, hospitals and malls, hotels, restaurants etc.1.2.4DISCHARGE OF INDUSTRIAL WASTE INTO THE SOILIndustrial processes andconstruction activities, agricultural industries and power plants wasteproducts pollute the soil parameters.

The main products are obtained from oilrefineries, pharmaceutical companies, releases different types of biproducts,and waste materials which cause the soil pollution.1.3EFFECTS OF SOIL POLLUTIONThere is a great damageregarding soil pollution on land areas plants and on human beings. miningimpact leads to deterioration of physical, chemical and biological activity ofthe environment, and effects the flora and fauna. Mainly there is a removal of richtop soil which contains essential nutrients to the plants. The plants reducetheir metabolic activity and result in decrease in the percentage ofbiochemical activities production in the plant like chlorophyll content,relative water content, ascorbic acid, reducing sugars and other important enzymes.Open cast mining produce lot of waste than other types of mining methods.

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Theagricultural soils become coarse and looses the water retaining capacity andreduces the crop yield. Gradually after few years the land becomes unsuitablefor cultivation. The dust generated by the crushing units passes away from one pointto another point by means of wind direction and settles on the top soil andchanges the soil texture. This dust makes any open water resources becomespolluted by dissolving some of the minerals and metals in the water and becomesunsuitable for the drinking purpose.by inhaling dust particle distributed airby human beings cause lung disease and  kidney related problems.