1.1 be tested. Many do not know how to

1.1 Background            Education is a necessity that can’t be separated from everyday life. Each person must have tried to get a good education in the formal and non-formal institutions.

Success or failure of a school is often measured by the results of the assessment at the end of the learning process, although it is not the sole determinant tool an education, but it is still used in the world of education.In education there are a variety of disciplines, including lessons learned. Lessons include the four skills namely listening, speaking, writing and reading. All it should also be tested to determine the ability of the already gained during the study through a test or exam.Someone language skills to determine whether or not he is in communication with the people around him. Mastery of language is not only the mother tongue or regional language but more important is the mastery of a foreign language, in this case English as a second language. Language skills a person can be tested with so called tests of language or language testing, well testing or language or language assessment.

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Questions about the tests to be tested can be made by teachers themselves or others. Not all teachers understand about the creation of good, quality matter made or things that need to be tested. Many do not know how to test the quality of questions that tested or will be tested. It is also not free from their ignorance of what is language testing or language tests. Language testing needs to be known because it would provide the basis for language testing.Language testing is the practice and study of evaluating the proficiency of an individual in a particular language using effectively. This evaluation to measure whether students can use the language they have learned to fluently both in speaking, listening, writing, and reading.

This is also used as a gauge whether students can receive lessons or material submitted by the teachers well.In this paper, our group will convey the purpose about design of reading test as well as some of the main points in the determination of basic reading skills assessment through the application of some type of test such as, Perceptive, selective, interactive and extensive reading. Our group will convey more about Perceptive and Selective reading, while Interactive and Extensive reading will convey by another group.1.1  Problem FormulationProblem formulation from this paper are:1.      What the definition of reading test?2.

      How to design a reading test?1.2  PurposeAfter learning problem formation that arise, then purpose our group made of this paper:1.      To explain definition of reading test2.      To explain how to design a reading test1.3  Objectives Of The WriteThis paper written with generally writings systematic consist of the fourth chapter are introduction, discussion, closing, and reference.