· that make up the primary sector, the mining

·        PRIMARYSECTORAll sectors that make up the primary sector ofPeruvian production – grew during 2015. In the case of the agricultural sector,this increased by 2.84% compared to the previous year as a result of the higherproduction recorded in both the agricultural subsector, as in the livestock.The fishing sector achieved an expansion of 15.87%, compared to 2014, due tothe greater anchovy catch for indirect human consumption. Finally, the miningand hydrocarbons sector increased by 9.27%, in relation to the previous year,showing a recovery after the contraction suffered in 2014.

However, it shouldbe noted that while the mining subsector, especially mining metal, reached ahigher level of production (+ 15.47%) in 2015, the hydrocarbon subsector ratherdecreased its activity considerably (-11.47%) during the same year. However, ofthe three sectors that make up the primary sector, the mining and hydrocarbonssector was the most prominent with a contribution of 12.4 percent to thenational GDP.

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·        SECONDARY SECTOR Among the secondary sectors, the results were mixed.On the one hand, the manufacturing sector decreased by 1.67% between 2014 and2015 as a result of lower demand in the non-primary manufacturing subsector,which includes the production of intermediate goods, consumer goods, andcapital goods. On the other hand, the sector that groups electricity, gas andwater achieved a growth of 6.21% during the same period due to the upwarddevelopment of all sub-sectors. Finally, the construction sector contracted by5.86%, compared to the result obtained in 2014, due to the lower investment inmining projects, as well as the paralysis and/or completion of public works,centers commercial and business and residential complexes.

Of these, themanufacturing sector was the most outstanding with a contribution of 13.5percent to the national GDP of 2015.                                                                                                    ·        TERTIARYSECTOR In the case of the tertiary sectors, all of themregistered positive results at the end of 2015. The commerce sector, due to thepositive development of the wholesale and retail channels in 2015, showed anincrease of 3, 88% in relation to what was achieved in the previous year. Thesame happened with the other sectors of this segment – transport and storage (+2.27%), accommodation and restaurants (+ 2.95%), telecommunications and otherinformation services (+ 9.

31%), finance and insurance (+ 9.71%), servicesprovided to companies 5 (+ 4.52%) and government services (+3.80).

While thecommerce sector represented 11.2 percent of the total national GDP in the lastyear, the other sectors of the tertiary sector accounted for 49.2 percentjointly